we were together. i forget the rest.

infinite list of favorite reign outfits:

↳Kenna in 1.19

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infinite list of favorite reign outfits:

↳Mary in 1.18


Favorite celebrity meme:

2/5 appearances

The Cinema Society Hosts A Screening Of ‘Brothers’, 22nd November 2009


“Death is the most sophisticated form of beauty, and the most difficult to accept.” - Simon Van Booy, Everything Beautiful Began After
Natalie Dormer and Dane DeHaan playing equally murderous, rich twins. Inspired by this post.

And why must your era celebrate terror with dessert?


Double the Fun: A playlist of Rob Houchen and Anton Zetterholm being the talented best friends that they are

1. Double Show Fun (original) - Rob & Anton // 2. My Island (Easter Rising) - Rob // 3. Red & Black/Do You Hear The People Sing? (Les Miserables) - Anton as Enjolras, Rob as Marius // 4. Hallelujah - Anton & Rob // 5. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables (Les Miserables)- Rob as Marius // 6. One Last Prayer (Kerrigan & Lowdermilk) - Anton Zetterholm // 7. Stay Another Day - Anton, Rob, Niall Sheehy, Jonny Purchase, Lee Dillon-Stuart // 8. Kiss the Air - Rob // 9. Wenn Ich Dein Spiegel Wär (Elisabeth) - Anton & Annemieke Van Dam // 10. Heaven Is a Place on Earth/Baby (mashup) - Rob // 11. River - Rob & Anton // 12. The Last Double Show (original) - Anton & Rob ft. Les Mis cast


@danedehaan: Met @XDolan tonight… AKA my French voice in @SpiderManMovie and The Place Beyond the Pines!!!

make me choose → dollydagger87 asked: anthony mackie or sebastian stan?

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If there’s anything else…


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This is Criminal Law 100, or as I prefer to call it, How to Get Away with Murder.


favorite 2013-2014 cast moments | when niall sheehy catches the bouquet and he and dougie carter react like this

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What’s a soulmate?